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Fuel Pumps

Carter fuel pumps give you OE fit and form proven to save time and effort. So you can trust them to make your fuel system service more efficient.

Fuel Injection (re-built)

AUS Injection offers a complete line quality remanufactured fuel injectors. All fuel injectors are remanufactured at our Arizona facility and are tested, date coded and packaged just prior to be delivered to the costumer. (This minimizes the possibility of defects)

All remanufactured fuel injectors we sell carry a 1 year replacement warranty from date of installation. We date code every unit at the time of final testing, just prior to delivery. This procedure assures the customer that the injector was flow tested on the marked date, and gives AUS a reference date for any alleged warranty.


Mass Air Flow Sensors (new and re-built)

Test 20 different points – 85% more than O.E. - based on output voltage or frequency of unit. - Identifies any anomaly between the 3 points tested by O.E. and ensures unit will not cause hesitation or stalling.


Oxygen sensors, Cam Shaft and Crankshaft Sensors